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Despite popular belief that only women get stretch marks, they affect both genders and can occur all over the body. In fact the majority of people will suffer from stretch marks at some point in their lives, despite this stretch marks can have a big effect on your self esteem.

Stretch marks on the buttThere are a number of factors that cause stretch marks but it all comes down to your body dramatically changing. As your body changes rapidly the proteins within your skin weaken to the point where your skin stretches. This in turn damages the blood vessel in between your layers of skin and exposes them, leaving what looks like scars.

Stretch marks are often red then turn to silver or white as they fade, but they can be a range of different colours. The red or purple new stretch marks are always the easiest to treat so you’ll want to get to work fast.

Why do I have Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are common in pregnant women, but it isn’t just the strain of pregnancy that causes these marks. Men and children are just as likely to suffer from stretch marks as the causes do vary from person to person.

Family history is one of the most common causes because the genetics you come from will have an impact on the skin you have. The healthier and more resilient your skin is, the less likely you are to have stretch marks and studies have shown that lighter skinned individuals are more likely to have stretch marks.

An unhealthy lifestyle has a big impact on whether you’ll get stretch marks. Obesity and severe weight gain are the two main causes of stretch marks as your body has to cope with dramatic changes in a short space of time.

Weight lifting is another little known cause of stretch marks. This occurs because again the body is changing dramatically and growing muscle. If you work out you’ll want to gradually build the weight and not overdo it straight away.

These are the most common reasons but you’ll also find a number of others that cause stretch marks. Always consult a skin care professional when you see them to make sure there aren’t any complications.


Stretch marks on your butt

Getting stretch marks on your butt is actually remarkably common, even though cellulite is more common. They occur there for any of the reasons listed above and can be really annoying. Having a great looking booty that’s perfect is a big deal to most of us so having stretch marks is less than ideal.

Stretch marks on your butt can occur when you put on weight there suddenly. This can be through weight gain or pregnancy, or even if you’re squatting too hard in the gym. There are fortunately a number of options to help get rid of these stretch marks on your butt, including some specialised creams.

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